Friday, 3 October 2014

Lee Stafford Hair growth diary - Month One

I've been using Lee Stafford's hair growth shampoo and conditioner for a month now and decided to do a diary of my progress to see if it really works. You can find my original post here!

I'm going to keep these posts short and sweet and let the photo's do most of the talking. The top photo is the beginning and the bottom is after a month and I honestly do see a little difference! These tattoos have come in handy for this post. If you look at my hair by the lucky cat tattoo on both photos there does look to be some extra length there! Ok so the ends are pretty dead but at this moment in time, who cares! 

I'm going to keep it up for another month or two anyway (or as long as i can go without chopping the ends off myself) as last time i went to buy the products i couldn't get hold of the leave in spray which i'm hoping to pick up this time round. Fingers crossed Boots don't let me down tonight.

I'll update again at the beginning of November :)