Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Birch Box - September 2014 - Happy Days

I'd seen a fair few spoilers for this month's Birch Box, it seems its getting harder to escape them being a regular twitter/instagram/facebook user so i already pretty much knew what i was going to get this month.

After last month's products came in the clear makeup travel bag, this month Birch have gone back to the little drawstring bag which is much cuter although i still can't find any use for these it seems a shame to waste them! The box this time also doubles up at two photo frames which is a cute idea although i don't know whether i'll use them for that reason or not.

So here's what i got this month:

Agave Healing Oil Treatment - Two samples of this hair oil from Agave which is a bonus as they're only small. Said to smooth hair, build resiliency and boost shine and colour. Full size from £16

Benefit Its Potent! Eye Cream - Banish dark circles, smooth fine lines and protect against free radicals with this peptide packed formula. I feel abit overrun by eye creams at the minute but i'll start using this one as soon as my old one runs out. Full size £25.50

Skin & Co Silican Light Serum - This light serum sinks in fast, evens the complexion and brightens, softens and tightens skin. Pretty intrigued by this one, i always enjoy trying out new things for my face. Full size £29

Beauty Blender & Blendercleanser Solid - An ingenious egg shaped makeup sponge to ensure a flawless base, plus a solid soap to clean it. I'm happy i got the beauty blender, i was gutted to miss out on it last time but i saw on instagram that Birch were sending it out to all existing subscribers that didn't receive it last time and all new ones which i thought was great :) - full size £26

Urban Fruit in perfect pineapple - A yummy 100% fruit snack to add to your work lunch and keep you feeling virtous. I'm not really a fan of dried fruit, i've tried these before but they're just not for me. I'm sure i'll find someone to eat these!

Birchbox Happy Days Photo Clip - Cute idea :) I'll be putting this on my desk although i'm not sure what photo i'll pick yet!


I'm more than happy with this months box, i haven't figured out the values of all the samples purely because Birch make it quite difficult to do so and i just haven't had the time! The products are quality brands though so i'm sure the value of the box is very good. Lets just hope next months box matches this standard :)

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